Montessori work time allows for the students to explore topics of their choice.  The Montessori work period resembles the Montessori work cycle in that it is 100 minutes long.  This extended class period encourages the students to explore various topics including map work, cultural work, life cycles, vocabulary, and more.   During Montessori work time, children are given freedom within limits.  Although they are not assigned a specific topic to investigate, children are encouraged to complete works with varying levels of focus and slowly work towards being able to work for the entirety of the work cycle.  Students are also responsible for doing extensions of the work of their choice.  Extensions include creations of art, writing, posters, books as well as student inspired extensions.



To engage in self guided activities and maintain varying levels of focus throughout the work cycle.  


Sample Activities


Maps- Students use Montessori maps to create a map of their own.  This helps to improve fine motor skills and enhances vocabulary.  Children are exposed to the proper names of continents, countries, states, and oceans.  They are exposed to this vocabulary several times throughout the map making cycle.


Individual studies- Students are encouraged to explore areas of interest. They do this by reading age appropriate text, looking at pictures and watching videos of the subject.  Students then create a poster, book, or creative writing component that explains what they have learned about the topic.


Lifecycles & Vocabulary of Plants and Animals- Students explore and complete activities focused on the lifecycles of several animals and plants. Students are also exposed to the proper vocabulary of particular objects, plants, and animals.  This provides a more detailed understanding of the object.


Cultural- Students are exposed to celebrations and holidays that take place in various areas of the world.  This provides the students with an understanding of cultures other than their own and the importance of celebrations performed by people of various backgrounds.




Students are evaluated on the quality and neatness of their work as well as their ability to complete the work cycle.


Sample Objectives for Montessori Work Time


  • Students will understand the calendar (order of months of the year, days of the week)
  • Students will be able to write the date in the following formats: Tuesday, July 14 2015 and 7/14/15
  • Students will be able to correctly spell the months of the year
  • Students will be able to correctly spell the days of the week
  • Students will be able to accurately identify seasons, illustrate seasons, and describes what happens in each season
  • Students will understand how they relate to space
  • Students will be able to accurately describe the location of things using proper prepositions
  • Students will be able to create their own map
  • Students will understand the cosmos through elements (land, air, water)
  • Students will be able to name the planets in our solar system
  • Students will be able to identify 10 land and water forms
  • Students will be able to break down where they live by planet, continent, country, state, city
  • Students will know the continents and oceans (where they are located and how to spell them)
  • Students will improve their presentation skills
  • Students will be able to maintain various levels of focus for the duration of the work cycle.

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