2018 Summer School

Summer camp classes provide an opportunity for students to explore topics that are not part of our traditional school-year curriculum and to continue learning in a more relaxed setting. Each week we dive into a new topic; each day contains a rich variety of activities including lectures, writing, discussions, hands-on activities, research, reading, and crafts.


Each summer camp class runs for one week (Monday through Friday) from 9 a.m. to noon.  Our classes are offered on the following weeks:

  • Week One: June 18-22
  • Week Two: June 25-29
  • Week Three: July 9-13
  • Week Four July 16-30



Students who have completed grades K-10


  • Vine Students - No Cost
    The cost of summer camp is included in the yearly tuition.
  • Visiting Students$400 per week
    Fee includes all supplies.

2018 Summer Classes:

Lower Level Classes

For rising first through sixth graders. 

Students are divided into 1st-3rd and 4th-5h grade groups. 


Veterinary Studies: Caring for Animals

Would you love to work with animals everyday? Veterinarians get to work with and help some of our favorite animals! For those of us with pets at home, we know the responsibility of caring for a pet and the important role we play in the lives of our furry family members. In this class, students will go deeper into the field of veterinary science and learn what it takes to become a vet. From dealing with unexpected wildlife to handling difficult injuries, vets certainly have their work cut out for them!

(Week One 9:00-11:30; Week Three 12:00-2:30)


Forensic Science: What do Detectives Do?

If you have ever read a good mystery story, you know the thrills of reading along as the detective follows a trail of clues, ultimately connecting the pieces to solve the most intriguing puzzles. In this class, students will explore the gripping field of forensic science and take a closer look at how detectives solve cases.

(Week Three 9:00-11:30; Week One 12:00-2:30)

Here Comes the Judge: What is a Trial?

Who is responsible in “The Case of the Missing Puppy?”  The babysitter?  The owners?  The children?  Take a step inside a courtroom and participate in this case from beginning to end, learning about methods of conflict resolution, the roles in a courtroom, and how the legal process works.  Examine the evidence and make a final judgment about who is ultimately responsible for the disappearance of puppy Spot.  Guilty?  Not guilty?  You get to decide.

(Week Two 9:00-11:30; Week Four 12:00-2:30)

Future of Science: Exploring our Horizons

In this class, you will get the opportunity to explore the future. We all wonder, what does our future world look like? Why not take a dive into this world of the possibilities? From studying robotics,  energy, agriculture, cars of the future, and much more, the possibilities are endless!

(Week Four 9:00-11:30; Week Two 12:00-2:30)


Upper Level Classes

Rising seventh and eighth graders take classes from 9:00-11:30. 

 Rising ninth through tenth graders take classes from 12:00-2:30.


Week One: The Brain: Science and Psychology

In this class we will undergo only the beginning of a journey into the staggeringly complex world of the human brain. The brain has 86 billion neurons with an order of magnitude more connections between all of them. The week will touch upon basic anatomy of the central nervous system, known functions of different areas of the brain, how the brain processes information, physiological aspects of mental illness, common myths, and more! We will grow to understand that even with major developments in neuroscience, we’ve only nicked the surface of what there is to know about this peerless machine.


Week Two: Code Breaking: History and Science

When thinking of code breaking, we tend to think of encrypting our data online, but did you know that code breaking has been around since ancient times? In this class we will learn about the basics of code breaking, secret languages, cryptography in wartime, along with games to test your code-breaking skills!


Week Three: World Religions

There are few experiences more satisfying than seeing the similarities and common patterns inherent with religions around the world. Like Chomsky’s theory of a universal grammar, comparative religion classes show the tendencies the human brain has while seeking explanations for the mystifying phenomena of human experience. In this class we will be learning about the major religions around the world while focusing on their similarities and differences.



Week Four: The Future of Science & The History of Predicting the Future

It’s fun to watch old science fiction films and see the absurd visions of what is now present day.   In this class we will study how predictions are affected by the context of what was present day, as well as see how much scientific predictions have actually gotten right. We will also be making our own predictions about the future and learning how to think outside the context and limitations of our own present-day.

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