2019 Camp at Vine

Summer camp classes provide an opportunity for students to explore topics that are not part of our traditional school-year curriculum and to continue learning in a more relaxed setting. Each week we dive into a new topic; each day contains a rich variety of activities including lectures, writing, discussions, hands-on activities, research, reading, and crafts.


Students who have completed grades 1-10


  • Vine Students - No Cost
    The cost of summer camp is included in the yearly tuition.

  • Visiting Students$400 per week
    Fee includes all supplies.

2019 Summer Camp Class Descriptions:

History of Transportation

Are you fascinated by boats, trains, and cars, and planes? Do you wonder what makes things go and how they move? This class will focus on how man first began to transport himself and things easier and faster.  We will also explain how animals, wheels, and carts were first used for transportation and how transportation has evolved over centuries.  We will be looking at inventors and inventions that have not only brought contributions to the history of transportation but have shaped and impacted our society.


Chinese History

The history of China is rich and fascinating. In this class, you can learn about Chinese history, culture, art, belief systems and food!. We’ll learn about the wonders the Chinese have left behind and we’ll learn how these cultures have shaped our world even today.

Summer D & D Campaign

Dungeons and Dragons has been an extremely popular Friday activity at lunchtime this year. Due to this, Mr. Jim is offering an extended five day campaign as part of our summer school offerings!

Applications of Photography

It’s time to take what we’ve learned this year in photography class for a spin!  In “Applications of Photography,” younger students will be learning exciting compositional and creative skills to increase the impact of their photos. We’ll dive deep into the ins-and-outs of capturing people, nature, and pets, culminating the week with a physical project that each student will be able to proudly display in their home!

Older students will also be learning advanced compositional and lighting skills to increase the impact of their photos. We’ll be using real-life situations to create images that show off their new knowledge, culminating the week with a physical project that showcases their work in a display-level quality.



Conversational Spanish

Hablemos Espanol! Time to put your English up on the shelf! This summer, we’ll be immersing ourselves in Hispanic culture and traditions by solely utilizing the beautiful Spanish language. Students will experience the foods, songs, games and traditions that are unique to Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. They will learn practical language skills that will set them up for success in common, everyday situations such as eating in a restaurant, traveling, shopping, and more! This full-immersion Spanish class is sure to challenge and interest any level of learner.



What is philosophy? What do philosophers do? What did some of the most famous philosophers teach? How did these lessons influence the formation of our own country and culture? Learn the answers to these questions and see why philosophy is so useful in our every day lives.


This class will focus on understanding the stars, our moon, the planets, and more in our universe. Older students will also explore fascinating concepts like dark matter, star formation, black holes, and more. We’ll focus on how the very dimensions of our solar system were discovered, what astronomy teaches us about our own world,  and how much more there is still to be discovered.  

History of US Justice

One of the most fascinating ways to dive even deeper into US history is to look through the history of some of our most famous court cases. In this class, we’ll look at some of the most famous cases that have shaped how the Supreme Court has interpreted things such as free speech, property rights, civil liberties, and more!

Creative Writing (a student internship project*)

Do you love to write stories? The focus of this class is to understand the structure behind a good story and write several story beginnings that students can use as inspiration for future story writing. This five day camp will teach about problems, characters, elements of writing style, setting, and mood. Students will practice not only writing stories but also storytelling improvisation games and giving and receiving feedback about stories.

*This course is the student internship project of a Vine high school student. The curriculum was designed during the school year as part of a project based learning experience. It was then painstakingly editing with Vine teachers. The class will be taught by a high schooler under constant direct supervision of a Vine staff member.