2017 Summer School

Summer camp classes provide an opportunity for students to explore topics that are not part of our traditional school-year curriculum and to continue learning in a more relaxed setting. Each week we dive into a new topic; each day contains a rich variety of activities including lectures, writing, discussions, hands-on activities, research, reading, and crafts.


Each summer camp class runs for one week (Monday through Friday) from 9 a.m. to noon.  Our classes are offered in the last two weeks of June and the two weeks following the Fourth of July. 



Students who do not currently attend Vine are welcome, as well as our students currently in attendance! 


  • Vine Students - No Cost
    The cost of summer camp is included in the yearly tuition.
  • Visiting Students$400 per week
    Fee includes all supplies.

2017 Summer Classes:

Elementary Classes

(students who have just completed grades K through four)

June 19-23:
Map Making & Geography

Do you love maps?  In this summer course, we'll be exploring geography, methods of making maps, the history of map making,  types of maps, and different map projections!

June 26-31:
Understanding Weather & Storms

Did you know that volcanoes are responsible for producing much of the Earth’s water? Or that in 2011, there was an earthquake so powerful that it caused the earth to spin faster? Discover the power of the weather around you as we explore astounding weather events. 

July 10-14:
Toys & Games Over the Ages

The world has changed immensely in the past 2000 years, but at least one thing has remained constant: kids love to play!  In this course, we’ll look at how kids have played across time and culture and what those toys show about our world in a wide range of times and places. 

July 17-21:
Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future

Will we one day travel around space in a Millennium Falcon? Will technology carry us to distant galaxies that we can now only imagine? Find out about the exciting advancements being made in space exploration and what it means for humanity in the future.


Middle School Classes

(students who have just completed grades five through nine)

June 19-23:
Chicago History

Chicago is one of the most fascinating cities in the world!  From stock yards to great fires, gangsters to great buildings, Chicago’s history is jam-packed with fascinating stories, intricate architecture, inspiring heroes and treacherous villains!

June 26-31:
Science of Severe Storms & Natural Disasters

Did you ever wonder what causes tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards?  These weather phenomena have a huge impact on humanity, costing countless lives and billions of dollars in damage.  Learn about the power of these events and the amazing advances scientists have made that warn us of storms and save lives!

July 10-14:

Advertisements are all around us! Anytime we watch television, surf the web, or even drive a car, we’re surrounded by ads.  In this course, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade, exploring the strategies and science behind advertisers’ plans to lure and entice you to make a purchase! 

July 17-21:
History and Science of Communication

Long ago, even the mightiest kings would have to wait weeks to send and return messages to the further reaches of their kingdoms.  Today, messages are transmitted in blink of an eye.  In this course, we’ll look at the history of communication, exploring how advances in this area continually help humans to flourish!

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