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Fine Art Prints & Canvases

We are so proud of the photography our first through eighth grade students have created through Vine’s Fine Art program! Each student’s curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, and intentional practice led to the creation of this special online gallery. They are excited to share the outcome of their hard work with the world!

Professional-quality prints and canvases are shipped directly to you to display in your home or workplace, give as gifts, and share with friends and loved ones!

All proceeds from sales will directly benefit the education and development of our students!
Thank you for your support!

In the Kitchen

Display tip:
Multiple images from a series become a statement piece when hung side-by-side!


Display tip:
A vertical gallery of flower prints makes a lovely addition to any bathroom or powder room!


Display tip:
Hang images of instruments in the areas of your home where your children practice theirs!

Historic Hinsdale

Display tip:
Is Hinsdale home for your family? Consider giving a series of these prints a place of honor in your family or dining room!

Elements of Nature

Display tip:
These natural images will bring a feeling of zen to your home office or workplace!


Display tip:
Are you a book lover? So are we! Consider hanging a series of these canvases on the wall in your favorite reading nook!