Individual Education Near Burr Ridge IL - Small Class Sizes

Content & Skills are Different, Class Size Should Be Too!

We know that individualized instruction works. We also know it’s important for students to develop the skills they need to thrive in a traditional classroom environment.  Students get the benefits of both learning environments at Vine Academy!


Bigger Classes for Content

Group of Children Learning at Vine Academy

Science and history follow a more traditional set-up:

At our private school in Hinsdale IL, our students are exposed to the benefits of larger classes (up to 18 students) for science and history. In these groups, students learn essential, real-world skills such as note-taking, studying, and listening.

If you were to walk into one of Vine’s large-group classes, what would you find? To start, you’d probably see a teacher in the midst of delivering a dynamic lecture created to hold attention and encourage student engagement. You will likely see students taking notes, offering answers to related questions, or taking assessments to measure their knowledge.


Small Classes for Skills:

Literature, writing, and math are individualized:

At Vine, we firmly believe that literature, writing, and math are courses in which every student should work at his or her own pace. Because of this, class sizes in these subjects are no larger than six to allow for individualized education. We make sure that all our students are heavily engaged in reading, writing, and math every day.

If you were to walk into one of Vine’s small-group classes, what would you find? Most likely, you’d see the teacher working directly with two students.  The teacher might be introducing customized math problems, discussing a novel that’s being read, or actively teaching a student to revise a paragraph.  You’d witness the other students in the room actively engaged in independent work that’s been customized to their level of independent functioning.