Our Story

Our Start

Vine Academy Gifted School Near Western Springs IL

Education is our passion, and providing the best in education is our obsession.  Our customized education school in Hinsdale, IL started with a tutoring company, Nurturing Wisdom, that we still run today.  For over ten years, we’ve offered 1:1 in-home tutoring to thousands of students.  We are so proud of the amazing results we received in helping students earn high marks on the ACT, get into the high school of their choice, develop executive functioning skills, and much more…

But, something was missing.  It’s so rewarding to help a student with one tough class or test.  Other times though, tutoring can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  We realized what some of these students needed wasn’t tutoring but a different approach to learning. Our dream to start our own school was born.

The Patterns

In our typical compulsion to collect data, we started to look closely at the students who didn’t seem to be best served by traditional schools.  Here’s what we saw:

  • Smart or gifted students who were not working to their potential.

  • Students who had been inquisitive in their elementary years but had lost their intellectual curiosity.

  • Students who were falling behind at school not because they were missing the knowledge or skills, but because of waning motivation and lack of executive functioning skills.

Next, we looked at traditional schools.   Traditional schools have many merits and serve many talented students.  In each school though, a number of students fall through the cracks and are not achieving to their potential.  At the heart of this problem are the things that our traditional schools are missing:

  • developing advanced writing skills in students

  • allowing customization for giftedness and special needs without alienating students

  • teaching executive functioning skills

  • helping students to purse their academic passions and interests

  • customizing to every student

Our Dream

From this reflection and research, we designed Vine Academy.  We took the best of everything we could find in traditional and alternative education formats.  We addressed every major weakness we saw in traditional schools.  We designed our school for students whose amazing potential was not being actualized.

Vine’s Mission:
“Inspiring students to embrace challenges, pursue passions, and develop an active mind through customized learning.” 

Our goals

  1. Create a safe, peaceful, and structured multi-age learning environment for each student.

  2. Customize instruction so that students can routinely work in their zone of proximal development.

  3. Offer a highly rigorous education, customized to the current level of each student, in a way that to does not create unneeded anxiety.

  4. Lay a foundation of executive functioning skills in all of our classes.

  5. Create passionate learners who embody traits of curiosity, optimism, and zest.

  6. Foster interpersonal values of honesty, empathy, gratitude, and encouragement of others.

  7. Lay a foundation for an internal locus of control by developing grit, self-advocacy, and ownership in our students.


Could your child be getting more out of school? 

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