Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission:

“Inspiring students to embrace challenges, pursue passions, and develop an active mind through customized learning.” 


Our Goals

1)   Create a safe, peaceful, and structured multi-age learning environment for each student.

2)   Customize instruction so that students can routinely work in their zone of proximal development.

3)   Offer a highly rigorous education, customized to the current level of each student, in a way that does not create unneeded anxiety.

4)   Lay a foundation of executive functioning skills in all of our classes.

5)   Create passionate learners who embody traits of curiosity, optimism, and zest.

6)   Foster interpersonal values of honesty, empathy, gratitude, and encouragement of others.

7)   Lay a foundation for an internal locus of control by developing grit, self-advocacy, and ownership in our students.

Could your child be getting more out of school? 

Now is a great time to contact us about a tour. We are located at 125 S Vine St in Hinsdale.

Please call us at 630-423-5916 x1 or email us and we'll contact you.