Our Mission & Values

We provide an environment of customized education where students are encouraged to pursue their own interests, are challenged regularly, and are empowered to take ownership and responsibility over their own education. We aim to set our students up for future academic success, and most importantly, to inspire a life-long love of learning.

We like to say that Vine Academy is for bright students. We’re not talking about kids with perfect grades or the highest IQs. We’re talking about kids who are bright, as in full of light. We seek students who have a spark of passion, who seek out and actively pursue what really interests them.

Customized Learning

We meet students where they are, and continually challenge them to move to the next level.

Curiosity and Passion

We help students dive deeply into subjects and activities that truly interest them.


We motivate students to be invested in their school through class meetings, team building, and real responsibilities.

Growth Mindset

We teach students to view mistakes as opportunities, and to view education as an ongoing process, not merely a set of grades.

Productive Work

We inspire students to value productive work and persistently tackle challenges, so they feel the excitement of learning.

An Active Mind

We arm our students with the skills and the knowledge to critically examine, question, and draw conclusions about their world.

Sir Ken Robinson, famous for his views on the problems with our current education system, was a big inspiration to us. We agree that education needs a revolution. Watch his inspiring and funny talks: “Do schools kill creativity?” and “Bring on the learning revolution!”

Could your child be getting more out of school? 

Now is a great time to contact us about a tour. We are located at 125 S Vine St in Hinsdale.

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