School for Gifted Children in Hinsdale IL - High School Program

Children Smiling at School

Vine Academy offers an intimate high school program which focuses on strong, individualized instruction and authentic life experiences. 

Who is this program for?

  • Intellectually curious students who want to take their studies to a deeper level

  • Students who value a small classroom setting

  • Students who prefer creative internships and innovative learning opportunities over traditional high school activities such as sports, clubs, or school dances

What makes our program unique?

Projected Learning:

  • This extension of our projected learning course in the lower grades is designed to give students more autonomy, encouraging them to challenge themselves towards real-world and interdisciplinary experiences. Examples of this might be teaching an elective, writing a novel, or interning at a local business.

  • We understand that a student’s primary goal is learning how to live as an independent, motivated, and successful adult. We support students on their quest to develop networking skills, master executive functioning, and embrace independent creativity and motivation.

Career and College Guidance:

  • With the help of a teacher mentor, students are assisted to research careers, meet and interview professionals in those fields, and set up shadow days in order to make informed decisions about their future careers.