Experience customized learning.

Everything about our school is carefully designed for personalized learning.
At Vine Academy, we customize instruction, encourage students to discover their own passions, and give personalized support in all classes. This individualized approach, achieved through small class sizes, means that our students experience amazing outcomes while maintaining their love of learning.

“Inspiring students to embrace challenges, pursue passions, and develop an active mind through customized learning.”
“I can’t thank you enough for what you have created at Vine. I am overjoyed to provide my children with the opportunity to be a part of this microcosm of kind, inquisitive, creative and hard working kids.”

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“We used to fight to get our daughter to go to school, even though she was a high academic performer. Now, she is genuinely engaged and enthused about school. The flexible curriculum, structured independent study, and homework-free evenings are a perfect fit for her and us.”