The Vine Nine

The Vine Nine Traits are values that we prioritize, discuss, encourage, and practice within our school.  These traits are the focuses of class meetings, short stories, writing assignments... we take advantage of any opportunity we have to present these traits to our students!  We seek to help students develop these traits as part of their social-emotional growth.  Each term, we focus deliberately on two specific traits, but each of the “Vine Nine” remains an ongoing component of our curriculum.  The traits are as follows:

  • Grit:  being persistent, not giving up, and embracing mistakes as learning opportunities

  • Empathy:  trying to put oneself in other peoples’ shoes, seeking to understand their emotions and motivations

  • Honesty:  being truthful to oneself and others

  • Self advocacy:  speaking up for oneself and learning to act independently in one’s own best interest

  • Curiosity:  constantly asking why and how in an unending search for knowledge

  • Encouragement:  pushing others to do their best rather than making comparisons, and showing benevolence and good-will toward others

  • Zest:  possessing a passion for life and enthusiasm about living, learning, and improving

  • Gratitude:  possessing an attitude of thankfulness and being grateful for what one has

  • Optimism:  demonstrating a positive outlook on life while recognizing what one can control--even in life’s tough situations