Parent Updates

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Our First Day of School is Thursday, August 16th, 2018.  School goes from 8:00 to 4:00, starting on the first day. Primary students (grades K-1) have the option for a 3:20 dismissal.   There are no earlier orientation days or meetings for parents or students to attend. Instead, the first two days of school are all about set up, getting to know each other, orientation, and procedures. 

Parent Handbook: You'll soon receive your parent handbook.  That will contain a more detailed first day Q & A, procedures for the new year, and some forms.  You'll be asked to read and sign off on this as your parent orientation for the coming year.   

Parent Meet & Greet: In the first two days of school, the set up days, you'll receive a copy of your child's schedule.  Then, on Tuesday, August 21st (the first Tuesday of the school year), we invite you to come in for a meet and greet with our teachers and other parents from 6:00-7:30.  This is a very informal event where you can simply walk around and connect with teachers as you wish. 

Digital Art and Design Sponsorship:  This coming year, Ms. Amy  Tripple will be at Vine full time.  One of her roles will be expanding our art program, and she'll be offering a variety of digital art and design classes.  This means she will be bringing her extraordinary photography and design skills to our students.   To maximize this class, we'll need some equipment on site. If you'd be interested in sponsoring some of this equipment, we have more details here



Contacting Us:

If you'd like to email about an absence, illness, or early pickup, please email To call in an absence or early release, please call 630-423-5916, x2.  We will answer that line directly, or we'll get back to you shortly. 

You can also use forms to report absences and early releases: 

  • If you'd like a copy of our sharable directory, please email Ms. Amanda.