Parent Updates

Click HERE to download the 2017-2018 Vine Calendar

  • Game Night:  Our next game night (with pizza) will be on Friday, January 19th from 4:00-7:00.  We'll be hosting both intermediate and middle school games simultaneously that night.   The cost is $15, and students can sign up by paying at the front desk. 

  • January 23rd Showcase:   Our Showcase Night will take place on Tuesday, January 23rd from 6:00-8:0. All students are expected to attend for at least one hour. This is one of only two after school events for which we expect all students to attend. 

  • Late Arrival: We'll have a late arrival at 10:00 on Wednesday, January 24th.  

  • Pajama Mondays:  In January and February, students are invited to wear pajamas every Monday!  We find our comfy pajamas to be especially fun and cozy during the cold winter months.  This begins tomorrow. 

  • Spirit Thursdays:We'll also have a weekly spirit day on Thursdays during these cold months.  This Thursday's theme is silly socks. 

  • Tax Statements:  Tax season is here.  By January 31st our business office will send you a statement of all tuition paid in the 2017 calendar year. 

  • IOWA Testing:  Our next IOWA testing, the language IOWAs, will take place the week of January 29th. 

  • Speakers Needed:  Do you have an idea for a speaker at Vine?  We are looking for professionals to come to talk to our students about careers, exciting technologies, and even other cultures.  If you have someone you can connect us with, we'd love to hear about it

  • Snow Days?  Now that winter is fully upon us, I thought I'd remind you about the procedure for snow days.  If we were to have to call a snow day or a late arrival due to snow, we do not follow the choices of any other district or school.  We base our decision heavily on the safety of the roads for our teachers and students.  Schedule changes due to snow would be announced via email by 6:00 on the day of the schedule change. 

Contacting Us:

If you'd like to email about an absence, illness, or early pickup, please email To call in an absence or early release, please call 630-423-5916, x2.  We will answer that line directly, or we'll get back to you shortly. 

You can also use forms to report absences and early releases: 

  • If you'd like a copy of our sharable directory, please email Ms. Amanda.